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I am a senior level Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Manager, and Illustrator with extensive experience across a broad range of disciplines. My focus has been on Branding (Identity and Packaging), Signage, and Nonprofit Marketing.


• Skilled execution of cross-media visual design systems for print, packaging, and web

• Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

• Thorough understanding of color theory, typography, visual aesthetics, photography, and printing

• Collaborative teammate with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Passionate, self-motivated, independent conceptual thinker


I was raised in Cincinnati, and earned a B.S. in Graphic Design (University of Cincinnati). Since then, I have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes in various capacities. Along with my freelance business, I have been fortunate to have also experienced full-time opportunities with some extremely creative, passionate people in some beautiful places.

I partner with with individuals and organizations to create strategic design solutions that uniquely convey perspective and vision.


Throughout my life, I've had recurring vivid dreams about flying. And I have always loved animals—particularly the dogs in my life (Daisy, Dixie, Shelby, Toby, Zoe, and Cheese). As a shy kid, I preferred drawing, playing the guitar, and the company of my dog Daisy over humans.

Although flying dog design was born years before I adopted Zoe in 2006, she was my inspiration and constant companion for 13 years.

Zoe loved everything and everyone. She was trusting, gentle, affectionate, goofy, and full of life until the very end. She loved chasing squirrels, geckos and cats. She loved eating carrots, apples, grass, trees and cat poop. She barked at the crashing waves on the beach. She took up my entire side of the bed, was afraid of sneezes, hiccups, gasps, and the vacuum cleaner. She loved to sing and was the perfect match for me. Zoe had a massive stroke one Friday night in November of 2018 and took her final breath the following morning on her 13th birthday. If I could have one wish for her, I hope she left this life knowing she was always, deeply, and unconditionally loved by me. There was no sweeter soul in my life.

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